Free Crossfit Class? On Ramp!


Free Crossfit Class in Conshohocken? Yes! Crossfit Ravenous offers a free trial session, known as an “On-Ramp”. You will meet with one of our Certified Crossfit Coaches or our qualified Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS). Our Conshohocken Crossfit staff is packed full of knowledge and we are looking to take you through your training program safely and professionally. We want you to work honestly and successfully towards your training and fitness goals, with us. 


This CrossFit “On-Ramp” or a personal session with our in house CSCS Coach Mike Rothwell can be scheduled. This assessment is the best and safest way to know exactly where we can start your training and you will also be able to meet your coach. Let’s do great things together! Schedule your first official, Free Crossfit class and we will have our professional coaches ready to work with you from start to finish, this day!

If you are ready to start and have previously trained in crossfit, please lets meet and still go over together the finer details of your lifting and come to agreement on the best suitable lifting program for you so you can rip through your WODs and conquer your crossfit goals with us.