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About CFR – CrossFit Ravenous

About CFR – Crossfit Ravenous in Conshohocken, was establish in 2013. Our mindset of building a strong, united community through crossfit and fitness training is succeeding. At CFR we pride ourselves on taking you through your routines safely, effectively and professionally. We will not rush you into something you are not ready for. Our motivated staff WILL coach you though WODs and exercises you didn’t think you would be able to complete. Your lifts, workouts and how your body functions, so that you can become the athlete that you desire, are areas we take very serious. Exhausting the body is one thing, but educating you and your body is crucial to growth, sustainability and breaking PR’s, consistently.

CrossFit Ravenous has shared positive and highly qualified programs to the men, women and children of Conshohocken. CFR has had visitors from all around the world stop by and take on a WOD with us. Did you know CFR is the where the world famous “Reps for MS” started! That’s right it all started here in Conshohocken at CrossFit Ravenous with the amazing Meehan brothers. #ForTheCause
RepsForMS-ConshohockenCrossfitRavenousCrossfit Ravenous is more than a crossfit box. Olympic lifting, Strength training and our Barbell club are areas we specialize in and promote education to our athletes. We currently have one of the top barbell clubs in the area. We strive to keep leading a strong charge for all barbell clubs by providing highest quality barbell programs and tailored instruction.  Interested in joining a fun, safe, open-minded, hardworking community thats built on teamwork?  Come join us for a free on ramp session and see if CFR is where you want to be. We are sure you will love it like many of our current team members.